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Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced, or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle feel as good as new,  we're here to help. Our bike repair departments are staffed by professionally trained bicycle mechanics with the experience and knowledge to do the job right the first time, every time. Learn more about our service packages, or visit us to discuss our full range of a la carte services.

Estimates are always free! Visit your local Bike Doctor today to learn more.

Tune-Up - $94.99

We recommend our basic package annually for smooth, safe cycling.

Safety Check

Brakes Adjusted

Derailleurs Adjusted

Wheels Trued

Tune-Up Plus - $159.99

For more comprehensive service and cleaning, upgrade to our Plus package.

Full Tune-Up

Removal of Chain, Cassette & Derailleurs for Cleaning

Reassembly & Fine-Tuning of Drivetrain

Complete Overhaul - $299.99

Want your bike to ride like new again? Go with our Overhaul service. *cables and other parts are not included*

Full Tune-up

Removal Of All Parts From Frame

All Bearings Overhauled

New Cables & Housing

All Bearings Adjusted

Check Tire Pressure

Lubricate Chain

Frame & Wheels Cleaned

Some services may require additional time that will be billed at the shop's hourly rate of $90/hour. Estimates will be provided in advance. All service packages and any service performed that exceeds $50 will incur a $5.00 fee for shop supplies.

Bike Doctor Care

At Bike Doctor, our commitment to quality products and superior customer service extends far beyond the initial sale. As a means of demonstrating our commitment to you, every new bicycle purchased from any of our stores comes with Bike Doctor Care.

Included in the First Year of Bike Doctor Care:

•     Front and Rear Brake adjustments*

•     Front and Rear Derailleur adjustments*

•     Safety Check

•     Tire Inflation

(*These adjustments apply to OEM parts and accessories only. If modifications are made to the initial specifications of the bicycle, the standard service charge will apply to that particular adjustment.) After the first year of Bike Doctor Care has passed, we will perform the safety check and tire inflation for free for the life of your bike. All other services will be charged at the standard shop rate.

The safety check includes ensuring that the quick releases are secure, checking the tightness of the handlebar and stem, inflation of the tires while inspecting their overall tread quality, a visual inspection to determine that the brakes are in proper working order, visually confirming that both wheels appear round and true, affirming that the saddle and seatpost are tight, and visually checking the derailleur hanger alignment. Aside from tightening the bolts and inflation of the tires, no brake, gear, or other adjustments will be made as part of the safety check.

If your bicycle has a mechanical malfunction within the first two weeks from the date of purchase, we guarantee that the bike will be fixed and returned to you promptly. (This is dependent on parts availability). If you need service any time after those two weeks, you will be put into the regular service queue for those adjustments.